ZapMetals Materials

Aluminum and steel parts in just 2 days! We can source almost all materials swiftly. If your desired material isn't listed below, don't hesitate to contact us. With our outstanding sourcing partners, we're confident we can fulfill your needs.




Why do different materials have different lead times?

Certain metals Inconel and titanium are less commonly machined compared to materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. As a result, we don't typically stock them in our shop. However, we can easily arrange a special request with our vendors to procure them for your project.

Do you do secondary processes?

We have access to sand blasting, electroplating, anodizing, powder coating, and some minor assembly.

Why do some materials cost more than others?

Three main reasons:

  • Material Costs: Some metals are just more expensive. Brass and inconel for example are pricier than aluminum.
  • Machining Speed: Some materials are slower to machine. Alumium is a quick cut where as a metal like stainless steel or Inconel is a much slow cut
  • Tool Wear: Harder material lead to machining tools to wear out faster meaning we need more tools to get the same part.