Unlocking Hardware Innovation through
Autonomous Manufacturing

Hardware development is constrained by legacy manufacturing

Sourcing low run CNC milled parts in North America is a long and tedious process involving owner operated machines shops that provide long lead times, inconsistent quality, and limited capacity.

ZapMetals is solving low run and prototype machining by building autonomous machine shops.

Hardware Innovation Relies on CNC Milling

We provide
3x Faster Lead Times
80% Lower Cost of Manufacturing
Onshore Manufacturing Security
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Our autonomous process takes off the shelf robot arms and CNC machines, combined with our protretary AI enabled Dynamic Fixturing System to mill your parts completely autonomously.

Off the Shelf Robot Arm

Our universal software integrates into any robot arm regardless of brand making it easier for us to rapidly expand our manufacturing cells

Existing CNC mills

Existing CNC mills, like Haas or DMG Mori, work seamlessly with our universal software for reliable in house part production

Dynamic Fixturing System

Our AI enabled Dynamic Fixturing system increases the capability of our fixturing system to allow one clamp to service more parts

"There is a real need for a prototyping machine shop such as ZapMetals that will offer fast turnarounds at a reasonable price."

David O-Brien
Mechanical Engineering Team Lead - Interface Fluidics

“Rapid CNC machining could have saved eight months and gotten us to market faster.”

Startup Founder

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